Custom Hats, Polos, Fishing Shirts, Vests, Fleeces, and more!

Take your brand to the next level with custom embroidered hats, polos, jackets, bags, and more! Use the chart below to calculate cost so you can budget for your next project. Please email us when ready and we’ll help you place the order easily!


Price Chart

The table below lists our base embroidery prices. The price will depend on the number of stitches required to produce your logo and the total number of items ordered (to get you bulk discounts). If you don’t know how many stitches your design will require, a good good rule of thumb is 7000 for a basic, small chest or hat logo. The more thread “fill” and background colors you have, the higher the thread count. However, the only way to find out is by digitizing your logo for embroidery, which we can do for you. Please email us with any questions! Sales@betheicon.com

24-48 49-99 100-150 151+
Stitch Count: 7,000 $6.99 $4.99 $3.99 Email Us!
Client Supplied Garments +$1.99 +$1.49 +$0.99 Email Us!
Over 7,000 Stitch Counts Add $0.55 per 1,000 stitches over 7,000
Digitizing Fee (per logo) $30 (10,000 stitch or less)
3D Embroidery +$1.50 per item

Embroidery Thread Colors

Please take a look at the thread colors we usually have available! When we embroider your logo, we will match your logo colors to the closest available thread colors. If you need an exact color in particular, please let us know.

Madeira | Classic Rayon Colors